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Video Results for Youtube Haiti

Haiti News - Insecurite dans le Camp Acra, Delmas  24 Mars 2013
by MrReggieDee - 3/24/2013
MrReggieDee's shared video file.
Haiti beautiful places 2014
by Topensly7 - 5/23/2013
The beauty of Haiti not showned on television. When it comes to Haiti, the international media always go to the worst area of Haiti giving the country a bad ...
We Are The World 25 For Haiti (YouTube Edition)
by lisalavie1 - 2/21/2010
Traditional voodoo ceremony in Haiti - no comment
by nocommenttv - 7/18/2013
Thousands of Haitian pilgrims gathered at the sacred Saut d'Eau waterfall on Tuesday for a traditional ceremony to wash away their sins and pray for a better...
Chachou Boyz - Chachou Refel Anko [Haiti Carnaval 2014 Video]
by kalepwa - 2/14/2014
Chachou Boys [KANAVAL 2014] Chachou Refel Anko [Haiti Carnaval 2014 Video] Website - Facebook ...
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