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40 million or 40,000,000....
Things You'll Need. AARP membership. Instructions. Ask your various insurance companies whether or not they offer an AARP membership discount....
I was a member for a while. I stopped after I evaluated what I got for my membership - it was not that much. The hotel discounts you can get are...




By being an AARP member, discover the benefits and discounts on meals, health care, prescriptions, travel and more. AND, it is only $16 a year!
As an ally in your corner, AARP makes available products and services that have been researched, evaluated and meet our high standards of service & quality.
Everyone knows about the insurance products, but there are hundreds of other AARP member benefits like carefully chosen discounts, programs, and services that come with your membership.


  • How AARP Works | What Is AARP Membership Benefits
    How AARP Works | What Is AARP Membership Benefits
  • AARP Membership Offer Is A Freaking Joke
    AARP Membership Offer Is A Freaking Joke
  • Discounts & Discoveries Holiday Savings & Offers for AARP Members
    Discounts & Discoveries Holiday Savings & Offers for AARP Members
  • What Does AARP Offer?
    What Does AARP Offer?
  • AARP Membership
    AARP Membership
  • AARP Membership Review
    AARP Membership Review


Member Benefits Guide. Download the AARP Member Benefits Guide to see a full list of benefits available to you. Travel Benefits. Car Rentals. AARP? Travel Center Powered by Expedia? ? Avis Rent A Car ? Budget Rent A Car ? Budget Truck Rental ? Payless Car Rental ? Zipcar. Cruises. AARP? Travel Cente
Sep 3, 2015 - If you're turning 50 this year, you qualify for an AARP membership, but is it worth it? Can you get senior discounts without membership?
AARP offers, discounts and coupons for your favorite local shops, restaurants, and services are now available on the go! There's no need to carry your card around with the AARP Member Advantages app; your phone can serve as both your AARP ID and your coupons. AARP Member Advantages delivers relevant
As an AOL member, you now have access to a complimentary membership to AARP as part of your AOL plan. You may add your spouse or partner to your complimentary membership as well. AARP provides opportunities to save money, travel, volunteer and make your voice heard. Enjoy access to all the exclusive
May 3, 2015 - When you turn 50 years old, chances are you'll receive an invitation in the mail to join AARP. While this may be an unwelcome reminder of the fact that you're getting older, there are plenty of reasons to pay that $16 membership fee and join. Here are five of the best benefits you can